About Us


About Us

Learn more about the people revolutionizing the field lining industry.

Sport Lines was founded with the goal of transforming an old school burden into a modern convenience.  

Growing up together playing and coaching lacrosse for over two decades we have experienced our share of poorly lined fields, whether in practices, tournaments or even collegiate games.  As players, and even more so as coaches, this was always frustrating.  

Following our playing careers we began coaching and hosting camps which required us to line multiple fields in preparation for events.  Although we had it down to a science, lining our fields continued to be a frustrating experience. From time crunches ahead of an event to the blistering summer heat or extreme cold wet weather of the northeast, we knew there had to be a better way to complete this important, but time consuming task.

We have a 100% program return rate!

Every program that has worked with Sport Lines has come back to work with us again season after season. This combined with our 5-Star google rating speaks volumes to our commitment to lining every field perfectly and on time. We are committed to supporting our clients and that is a standard that will never waver.

Being involved in sports all of our lives we know the value of perfectly lined fields and fields being complete on time. As parents ourselves, we understand that time is the most valuable commodity. As a program director, coach or volunteer parent we know that time spent building fields could be better spent focusing on other program/team initiatives or time with your family and friends. We have met countless parents, coaches and program directors who have said they spend too much of their valuable time lining and maintaining their programs’ fields that could be better used elsewhere.  

Sport Lines grew out of a culmination of these experiences. Whether as players, coaches or parents we understand the importance of a well lined field. We also understand the time it takes and the frustration it can cause to create the perfect playing spaces. By combining our knowledge with the most innovative technologies in the field management sector, Sport Lines has created an efficient and effortless service that guarantees players, coaches and parents at every level of every game with perfectly lined fields, 100% of the time.  It’s time to get back to just enjoying the game.  Sport Lines is the future of field lining.

Dennis Mann & Alex Sinkovich

Founders, Sport Lines LLC