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Brooklyn, NY

Event: CBS Sports Golazo Show AND NFL Network

Job: Build a fully customized soccer field for live TV as part of the Destination Brooklyn Event bringing UEFA Champions League Studio to the US.

Sport Lines was contracted to create a custom, nonpermanent design on turf located at Pier 2 of Brooklyn Bridge Park.   Given the constraints of working on turf managed by NYC Park services, several obstacles had to be overcome. Permanent markings were not permitted and traditional paint was not a viable option due to potential water runoff into the river.  Sport Lines was tasked with  creating something that looked permanent for live TV  but then would disappear the moment the event was over without leaving a trace.  

The turf area was heavily trafficked during the day and was used for organized practices during the evenings.  Physical field lining and design  could only take place a day prior to the event during the allotted studio setup hours.  Sport Lines   completed the job as scheduled while avoiding the construction of an entire tv stage adjacent to the field.  

In order to meet this client's specific needs (create a field with line quality suitable for live TV that was completely removable)we used a specialized chalk aerosol spray for both the lines and logo.  Between consistent field use each day and rain during the evenings, the field design needed to be touched up each morning, and in some instances even needed to be completely recreated.

The  field and logo required removal to be completed immediately following the event as event contractors  would not be granted field access beyond the scheduled event breakdown.  We used a combination of scrubbing brushes and power washers to remove the field and logo without damaging the turf.

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Brick Football

Drum Point Complex, Brick NJ.

Event: Brick Football Field Build and maintenance.

Job: Build three different style football fields and maintain them for the entire fall season.

Sport Lines transformed an open area into  three different football fields: a game field with numbers, a short practice field and a long practice field.  Field layout was designed in house with special consideration being given to the field configuration ensuring Troom was provided for a fence and spectator stands around the game field.  Each field was measured out and perimeter tested prior to the start of each lining to ensure adequate practice and spectator space was provided between fields.  

Field maintenance  required a unique schedule due to the heavier use of the practice field in comparison to the game field.  Lining was scheduled bi-weekly for the practice fields and numbers on the game field.  

The game field lines were redone at the end of each week prior to home games so the field always looked fresh on game day.

Freehold Soccer League

Jackson Mills Fields

Event: Seasonal maintenance.

Job: Build and maintain soccer fields for season duration and tournaments.

The location required a number of fields including 3-7v7s, 2-9v9s, 1-11v11 and 2 mini-boxes.  The township determined where fields were to be built and provided 2 corner markings and a sideline for each field  Sport Lines then used their markings to create each field, ensuring they were built exactly to the towns needs. 

The fields were used weekly. In an effort to alleviate any excessive wear on the grass the township required all fields to be moved over 4 yards at the midpoint of the season.  Therefore, midway through the season Sport LInes rebuilt every field 4 yards adjacent.This process is replicated seamlessly for  both the spring and fall seasons.

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